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Por Manager, 4 September, 2023

 Peru Taypa Peruvian Cuisine

In New Jersey, although it is true that the Peruvian gastronomy boom is growing, as shown by an investigation carried out by the United States newspaper in collaboration with Yelp, a company dedicated to locating local businesses, it determined that Peruvian food is also of the most requested in the states of Florida and New Jersey.

It is in Passaic where the Ramirez sisters led by Jessenia are in charge of Peru Taypa, a gastronomic venture that many diners are enjoying.

Peru Taypa Peruvian Cuisine is at 14 A Broadway, Passaic, NJ 07055

Eat well
«Cooking rich is not a science. In “Peru Taypa Peruvian Cuisine” the chef Keyla Ramírez 👩‍🍳 puts some love in it, good seasoning, she uses good products, the dishes come out fabulous. She has marine roulette, ceviche, grilled chicken, Leche de Tigre and à la carte dishes. Oh and the menus during the week, a spectacular menu, with the best price, to enjoy with family and friends.

Food is made to be enjoyed and in Peru Taypa is Guaranteed. Don’t leave it for
🍽️ Entry: Chicken Broth
🇵🇪 Stuffed Avocado
🇵🇪 Pickled Chicken
🇵🇪 Italian Mondonguito
🇵🇪 Grilled Chop

Ramirez Sisters

A rich jelly prepared by Keyla Ramírez
Peruvian Jalea Dish: Fried fish, shrimp, calamari, fried yucca, Peruvian popcorn with criolla sauce on top (onions, limes, tomatoes, cilantro, oil, salt and pepper).


Tiger Milk in “Peru Taypa”

Wow tiger milk!!

The juice resulting from the maceration of ceviche is called leche de tigre. A few years ago, ceviche was left to marinate for hours. The fish lost all texture but its juice absorbed all the flavor of the chili, coriander, onion, fish, garlic and ginger.


Peru and the Peruvian beauty, the beauty of the Peruvian woman in the gastronomy business is growing every time and the city of Passaic is no exception. Jessenia Ramirez a fighter, warrior and above all visionary woman, she has been leading a restaurant that provides quality, flavor and excellent service at the head of her family and her sisters

Peru Taypa Peruvian Cuisine is at 14A Broadway Passaic NJ


Jessenia Ramírez owner/manager

Jessenia Ramirez & Aldana Ramirez

What diners think


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How to get to Peru Taypa



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Rosa Zelaya enjoying “Peru Taypa” because she likes to eat rich, good and tasty food.

Hermosa peruana Rosa Zelaya

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  • Murichi Julio says:

    Saludos desde Tokyo Japón algún día iré a visitar este gran restauran y probaré sus delicias culinarias del peru 🇵🇪 congratulaciones y éxitos totales

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