Have you already tried the “Pescado a lo Macho” from Myrna Peruvian Restaurant?

Por Manager, 25 January, 2024

Male Fish Fish a lo macho is a recipe from Peruvian cuisine that is prepared with a delicious tomato-based sauce, hot chili and different varieties of seafood. To make this dish you will need whole, clean white fish fillets. prawn, tomatoes, and medium onion cut into cubes, small chopped Peruvian yellow chili without seeds, chopped red paprika, optional white wine for cooking. Parsley, Salt and Black Pepper to taste Origin of Male Fish There are at least two hypotheses about the origin of the name of the male fish. Some claim that it was created by a commander known as “Macho” Frías and that it was served for the first time in the “Pildorín” restaurant in the 1950s. Others, with a touch of humor, say that the name is due to its spicy flavor: only “males” are able to withstand the sting of chili peppers.

Today we can find many versions of the preparation of this dish. Some contain milk or cream, others do not. Some result in a redder sauce, others in a more orange sauce. Some use whole fish, others fillets. Some accompany it with potatoes, others with yucca. Here we teach you how to prepare a macho fish that preserves all the Creole tradition that characterizes it. It’s good! At

Myrna Peruvian Restaurant in the city of North Arlington: 601 Ridge Rd, North Arlington, NJ 07031, you find this super and delicious dish. Food entrepreneur Myrna Solis Chavez has a second location in the beautiful city of Kearny Myrna’s Restaurant Myrna’s Restaurant Eufemio Molina Chef Myrna Restaurant. Myrna Peruvian Restaurant – Rice with Seafood Myrna Peruvian Restaurant is located at: 601 Ridge Rd, North Arlington, NJ 07031

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