Broaster chicken with chaufa rice, the popular dish offered at “2 Brothers rest.”

Por Manager, 28 May, 2024

Broaster chicken with chaufa rice, the famous mostrito that has become very popular in the city of Paterson, the most Peruvian city in the Garden State. But we must specify the famous Peruvian mostrito, broaster chicken is one of the cravings that absolutely no one can resist eating this exquisite delicacy. Broaster chicken is one of the most delicious culinary delicacies that you can eat on any occasion because there is no perfect occasion to be able to taste this masterpiece along with its delicious potatoes and creams of all kinds because the combination of these are perfect.

In the city of Paterson there is a restaurant that has become the favorite of lovers of Peruvian gastronomy “2 Brothers Peruvian Flavors” at 300 Trenton Avenue, Paterson, NJ, United States, New Jersey.

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